See Make Play now available at Museums Victoria Store

See Make Play now available at Museums Victoria Store

See Make Play co-founder Nikki Jones has a passion for craft and creating.

With a background in fashion, textiles, and graphic design, colour and craft have always been a large part of her creative expression. Nikki's love for crafting continued to grow after becoming a parent of twins in 2017. Witnessing firsthand the joy and profound enrichment that creative exploration can bring to a child’s life, as well as her own, fueled her passion.

In 2018, Nikki began hosting craft and sensory activations throughout Melbourne with See Make Play. Over the past few years, as Nikki nurtured the growth of See Make Play, she has found immense joy in dreaming up unique and engaging craft kits for children of all ages. See Make Play now offers fun, hands-on craft activities and sensory experiences for brands, events and retail shops including Museums Victoria Store.

We asked Nikki Jones some questions about See Make Play and her experience as a small business owner.

What is your brand's mission?
My brand’s mission is centred around a love and desire to enrich children's lives through the boundless brilliance of their creativity. My mission is simple: keep the joy flowing by creating fun craft kits for children, helping them spend more time actively engaging with their hands, and activating their creative superpowers.

I believe that art and craft is one of the best (and fun-est) ways to connect with our innate creativity, I am committed to giving back to my community and extending the joy of crafting to organisations such as the Children’s Starlight Foundation. I’m also on a mission to make creativity not just fun but Eco-friendly too. So, in everything I create, make and do, I’m on a quest to shrink my footprint on Mother Earth, implementing practices like re-purposing, reusing, and recycling whenever I can.

See Make Play Products

What inspired you to start your own business?
In 2018, I co-founded See Make Play with my then-business partner. In 2022 we parted ways, I carried on with See Make Play as I realised the immense fulfillment I found in focusing on what I truly loved and the endless possibilities moving forward.

Being able to create craft for kids brings me a lot of joy and I wanted to be able to help kids turn their screens off and connect back to their imagination. Having my own business means that I am able to give back to my community through the charities I support and direct my business into areas that align with my values which are imagination, creativity, and joy.

Where are you based? Are you inspired by your local area?
See Make Play is based in my little home studio in Fitzroy on Wurundjeri Land. I have lived in this area for so many years I have lost count. I find inspiration everywhere and all around me. Most mornings I walk through the grounds of the Abbotsford Convent, and I get to see the trees change colour with each season. My home studio is surrounded by a vibrant community of talented artists, independent boutique owners, street art, cafes, and the fun quirkiness that defines my local area.

Abbotsford Convent

What’s your favourite thing to do/ see at the Museum?
I’ve been visiting Melbourne Museum since my twins were babies, and one cherished spot has always been the Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery. Over the years, as my kids have grown, our Museum adventures have evolved. We’ve delved into exploring the dinosaur walk and butterfly displays, learned about Aboriginal Victoria, and even enjoyed feeding the eels. However, my absolute favourite part of the Museum remains the enchanting doll’s house and miniature worlds – I’m obsessed! And we never leave the museum without adding a few more crystals to our collection from Museums Victoria Store!

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Shop See Make Play at Museums Victoria Store:

DIY Busy Bum Bag SilverDIY Busy Bum Bag Pink
Decorate your own bum bag, created for big kids and younger ones too!

DIY Busy Bum Bag Pink

DIY Papier-Mâché Ice Cream Cone
Decorate a papier-mâché ice cream cone with a tasty scoop of ice cream! Perfect for pretend play, this kit is sure to spark imagination in the brightest of minds.

DIY Papier-Mâché Ice Cream Cone

DIY Glazed Donut Keyring Kit
Donut worry, be happy with this delicious DIY keyring! Big kids and little ones will delight in creating their own sparkly sweet treat.

 DIY Glazed Donut Keyring Kit

DIY Enchanted Door Kit

Decorate to your heart's content! An enchanting world is waiting for you just behind the door...

DIY Enchanted Door Kit