New Release: Dino Gang Colouring & Activity Book

New Release: Dino Gang Colouring & Activity Book

Dive into the fun-filled world of the Dino Gang!

Jam-Packed with scenes to colour, games to play and 50 colourful stickers to place, this colouring and activity book will provide endless fun for all dino fans.

The Dino Gang Colouring & Activity Book is ideal for children three years and older and provides educational dinosaur facts and information about the three members of the Dino Gang.

Join Fern the Brachiosaurus, Trio the Triceratops and Roary the Tyrannosaurus rex as they enjoy a wonderful day in the Carlton Gardens, spot the difference at the dino gang skate park, count the party items at Fern’s birthday and much more.

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Children colouring Dino Gang Colouring and Activity Book

Meet the Dino Gang:


Fern is a Brachiosaurus from the Jurassic period. She’s a herbivore and loves to eat plants – especially leaves. Brachiosaurus can grow up to 20 metres long.


Trio is a Triceratops from the Cretaceous period. He’s a herbivore and juicy ferns, palms and cycads are his favourite food. Triceratops can grow to be 7 metres long.


Roary is a Tyrannosaurus rex from the Cretaceous period. She’s a carnivore and eats lots of meat. Tyrannosaurus rex can grow to just over 12 metres long.


Meet the designer behind Dino Gang:

Graphic Designer Jessica Louey

Museums Victoria Store sat down with talented Dino Gang book designer and illustrator Jessica Louey to find out more about this exciting dinosaur-themed book.

MVS: What was the inspiration behind the creation of Dino Gang?

JL: When Melbourne Museum acquired Horridus the Triceratops fossil, we identified the value and importance of creating friendly characters that can connect to our young audiences to help them learn about dinosaurs. The Dino Gang introduces children to dinosaurs in a fun and relatable way.

MVS: What makes Dino Gang Colouring & Activity Book more than your standard colouring book?

JL: We collaborated with the Palaeontology and Education teams here at Museums Victoria to come up with an exciting book filled with fun, educational activities and facts about dinosaurs, the Dino Gang and exciting things children will come across when visiting Melbourne Museum.

MVS: What is your favourite page in the Dino Gang Colouring & Activity Book?

JL: The ‘Chef’s Special’ page because I’m secretly a big foodie. This scene encourages children to not only colour in the scene but draw delicious dinners (the best meal of the day) on Trio and Roary’s plates. They also might use the stickers in the back of the book to make their meals.

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Dino Gang Activity Book

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