Eryl Nash

The Lift-the-Flap Encyclopaedia of Dinosaurs

Explore more than 200 flaps - and even more prehistoric facts - in this book that is jam-packed with information!

Each of the interactive spreads includes several huge flaps, which reveal even more flaps underneath, perfect for little fingers to lift and learn. Every spread explores the prehistoric world from a different perspective, arranging the dinosaurs from most ancient to most recent, from biggest to smallest, from hunters to hunted, and even from the seas to the skies.

Inquisitive dinosaur enthusiasts will discover all their favourite dinosaurs inside the covers of this book (and some new ones as well!). Young readers will understand how they lived, why they died out, and where their fossils have been found in recent times with a huge lift-the-flap fossil map.

Curious readers will discover something new with every turn of the page, including...
- An interactive timeline revealing the evolution of the dinosaurs over millions of years
- The tiniest dinosaurs... and the most gigantic!
- The weapons and defences of predators like the T-Rex, and their prey
- The life cycle of a dinosaur, from egg to adult
- History's most exciting fossils on an interactive map
- How dinosaurs evolved to rule the air, land and sea
- The dinosaurs that are still living today!
  • Author: Eryl Nash 
  • Illustrator: Daniel Hamilton 
  • ISBN: 9781915569547
  • Format: Hardback 
  • Publisher: Magic Cat Publishing
  • Date of Publication: 15th March 2024
  • Number of Pages: 16
  • Dimensions (cm): 32.7 x 24.2 x 1.6
  • Age range: Children