Surviving Antarctica

Surviving Antarctica

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Celebrating International Polar Year, this book provides a fascinating look at one of the most amazing environments on the planet. Intrepid tourists and polar region enthusiasts will experience a sense of adventure and excitement along this journey to the end of the earth.

Imagine trying to get up during 24 hours of darkness in temperatures well below freezing, surrounded by strong winds and isolated for months at a time. Welcome to Antarctica in winter. This timely book explores just how life survives the extreme conditions of one of the most sensitive and inhospitable parts of the planet, which has for centuries fascinated scientists, explorers, writers and the general public.

Discover how male Emperor penguins use their feet to protect their young, why pulling out an ice core from beneath the Antarctic surface takes minutes in summer but up to five hours in winter, and how the effects of global climate change appear to be having a profound influence on the region.

With stunning illustrations throughout, Surviving Antarctica provides an invaluable insight into the lives of those living and working in this hostile environment.

  • Published: 2007
  • ISBN: 9780975837030 (Paperback)

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