Small Amethyst Cluster


Named after the Koine Greek αμέθυστος - meaning "not-intoxicated" - Amethyst was believed by the Ancient Greeks to prevent intoxication - the stone was crafted into all manner of talismans and drinking vessels to protect their owners and keep them in good health, and was later carried by medieval soldiers as an apotropaic and preservative. 

A naturally occurring form of Quartz, Amethyst gets its colour from irradiation and metallic impurities in the silicate matrix - producing its beautiful lavendar-violet hue. While the mineral has long been polished and refined into tumblestones, intaglio and jewels, the faceted crystalline structure of the raw mineral has long fascinated viewers, for its intricacy and ability to reflect light. 

Please note, as each piece is sourced from nature it is entirely unique, and while it will be very similar, the piece you receive will not precisely match that in the photographs. 

  • Sustainably sourced in Brazil
  • Approximate size (cm): 6 x 5
  • Approximate weight (kg): 0.12