Gary C. B. Poore

Shrimps, Prawns and Lobsters


This guide aims to introduce amateur naturalists, beachcombers, divers and others with an interest in the marine environment to shrimps, prawns, lobsters and their close relatives.

Shrimps, prawns and lobsters are considered, with crabs, hermit crabs and squat lobsters, to be the most evolutionarily complex of the Crustacea. This is because the well developed carapace, or shell, defines the overall form of much of the body, and because each pair of segmental limbs is specialised for different functions: feeding, walking, swimming and reproduction.

In Museum Victoria Field Guide: Shrimps, prawns and lobsters, species descriptions are accompanied by colour photographs, line drawings and illustrations for easy recognition. Further references to literature, a glossary, scientific and common name indices are included.

  • Author: Gary C. B. Poore
  • ISBN: 9780980381344 
  • Publisher: Museums Victoria Publishing
  • Date of Publication: 15th April 2015
  • Number of Pages: 64
  • Format: Paperback
  • Product Dimensions (cm): 21 x 14.8