Scribbly Gum

Did you know Australia’s scribbly gum trees get their beautiful scribbles from baby moths burrowing through the bark? In this game, each player has their own tree diagram and every turn gets to draw a line that leads to food for your baby moth to eat. Collect sets of food to score points. Whoever scribbles their way to the most valuable food wins the game! Scribbly Gum can be played with any number of players at once and includes directions for classroom play.

  • Created by Joey Games
  • Game design by Phil Walker-Harding
  • Illustrations by Meredith Walker-Harding
  • CONTENTS: 1 pad of double-sided tree diagrams, 8 movement tiles, 8 achievement tiles, 3 letter tiles, 1 rules of play booklet.
    Not included: 1 marker per player.