Planetary Gemstones


The beauty of the extra-terrestrial told through the beauties of the terrene!

Hold the solar system in your hand with the luxurious set of semi-precious rocks and minerals depicting the 8 planets that circle our sun - and of course everyone's favourite dwarf - Pluto!

The set comes beautifully boxed, and makes a great gift for lovers of space and nature alike. 

The planets are represented in the following stones:

  • Mercury: Labradorite
  • Venus: White Quartz
  • Earth: Blue Sodalite
  • Mars: Mahogany Obsidian
  • Jupiter: Tiger's Eye
  • Saturn: Yellow Calcite
  • Uranus: Amazonite
  • Neptune: Blue Cat's Eye
  • Pluto: Poppy Jasper

Contains small pieces - not suitable for young children