Dragon Lizards of Australia
Dragon Lizards of Australia

Dragon Lizards of Australia

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Australian dragons include some of our most iconic and best known lizards – the spectacular Frill-necked lizard, the strange prickly Thorny Devil and the bearded dragons, popular as pets worldwide. More than 100 species live across Australia, from the high plains of the Tasmanian wilderness, across the vast red sands of the arid interior to the lush rainforests and monsoonal savannahs of the northern tropics.
Dragons exhibit remarkable variety in colour, shape and behaviour. Adorned with a spectacular array of crests, spines, and frills, they use head-bobs, hand-waves, push-ups and even colour changes to communicate – they do it all!

In this book the authors shed light on Australia’s dragons. They convey their admiration for these amazing animals and share the knowledge and experience gained from working with them. The book includes our most recent understanding of their origins, life history, ecology, distribution and conservation. Each of the species are accompanied by descriptive text, images and a distribution map.

Dragon Lizards of Australia is part of Museums Victoria Publishing field guide series.

  • Published: 10th September 2019
  • ISBN: 9781921833496 (Paperback)
  • Number Of Pages: 400
  • Dimensions (cm): 21.0 x 19.0

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