Horridus Triceratops Replica 1:40


This Collecta model is inspired by Horridus, a fossil specimen in the collection of Museums Victoria. Displayed at Melbourne Museum, it is one of the most complete Triceratops skeletons ever found.

About Triceratops horridus 
(TRY-serra-tops horrid-us)

Meaning: Rough 3 horned face

Diet: Herbivorous

Group: Marginocepahlia, Ceratopsia, Chasmosaurinae

Period: Cretaceous

Triceratops horridus is one of the largest ceratopsian dinosaurs. The remaining horns on the skull are only bone cores that would have been much longer when covered with their original horny sheaths. The frill at the back of the skull was solid bone. The horns and frill were probably used for courtship and threat displays as well as weapons. 

Triceratops lived in those areas now covered by the western United States of America and southwestern Canada. The fossil on display at Melbourne Museum was unearthed in Montana, USA.

  • Not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to small parts.
  • Remove all packaging attachments before giving this product to a child.