Snake Long Sleeve Tee


This long sleeved snake tee is inspired by a hand-coloured lithograph from Museums Victoria's rare book, 'Serpentum Brasiliensium species novae', or 'New species of Brazilian snakes' by Johann Baptist von Spix (published 1824). First named 'Xiphosoma araramboya' in 1758 by Linnaeus, the Emerald tree boa's current accepted scientific name is 'Corallus caninus'.

Spix was curator of the zoological collections at the Munich academy and was sponsored by the Bavarian government to participate in an expedition to South America between 1817-1820. The party brought a considerable number of species back to Munich, which provided the basis of Spix's works on the fauna of Brazil. 

Designed exclusively for Museums Victoria. 

  • Printed in Melbourne
  • Heavy weight, 100% carded cotton
  • Pre-shrunk to minimise shrinkage
  • Snake print on back, Xiphosoma araramboya text on left arm sleeve
  • Available in the sizes S-XXL

 Melbourne Museum Size Chart - Adult