Octopus Adults Tee


This exclusive rare print sourced from Museums Victoria's own collection features bookplate 780 from The Naturalist's Miscellany Volume 18 by George Shaw (1789-1813.)

George Shaw worked in the natural history department of the British Museum between 1791-1813, at a time when specimens from around the world were being sent to Europe in the name of scientific 'discovery' and description. As a result, this 24 volume work contains a wide range of plants and animals from around the world, including the first published western scientific descriptions of several of the common and best known Australian animals, including the platypus, wombat, and echidna.

Designed exclusively for Museums Victoria. 

  • Printed in Melbourne
  • Heavy weight, 100% carded cotton
  • Print on back
  • Pre-shrunk to minimise shrinkage
  • Available in the sizes S-XXL

Melbourne Museum Size Chart - Adult