Galilean Moon Gemstones


Jupiter's four largest moons - named after the God's lovers - are some of the largest celestial bodies in the solar system. Ganymede, the largest, is greater in size than Pluto, and even Mercury. 

When Galileo Galilei first spotted Jupiter's four largest moons around 1610, it presented a major threat to the geocentric model of the universe. The first moons discovered other than our own, they remain scientifically fascinating and particularly beautiful.

The set comes beautifully boxed, and makes a great gift for lovers of space and nature alike. 

The moons are represented in the following stones:

  • Io: Yellow Jade
  • Europa: Red Howlite
  • Ganymede: Bamboo Jasper
  • Callisto: Leopard Skin Jasper 

    Contains small pieces - not suitable for young children

    Image taken by Solid State Imaging aboard NASA's Galileo spacecraft in 1996.