How To Paint Animals - Watercolour


Do you have a budding young painter in your house? Encourage them in their creative pursuits with How to Paint - Watercolour Animals — an inspirational set designed to challenge older kids to explore aspects and techniques of painting with watercolours.

This beautiful set is designed by a talented watercolour artist and includes everything you need, including 12 rich pigment watercolours and a mess free waterbrush. This unique tool includes a brush head and water filled handle that screw together. The brush is kept wet when it presses on the paper or the handle is squeezed. 

The detailed How to Paint Guide takes young artists through 18 step-by-step lessons, teaching different watercolour skills by applying them to a delightful collection of favourite creatures great and small, from cats and dogs to snails and whales. 

The kit is compact and portable, so you can even use it to paint ‘en plein air’ (outside). By looking at the world as a watercolour artist you will always be inspired to paint.

  • Each set includes a full colour, 38 page painting guide, 20 watercolour pages, 1 x waterbrush, 12 x rich pigment watercolours (pan), 1 x small sponge for blending effects, 1 x mixing tray (palette)
  • All packaged neatly in sturdy, magnetic-seal storage box
  • Suitable age 9+