James Maclaine

Lots of Things to Know About Dinosaurs

A collection of amazing facts exploring the wonderful world of dinosaurs.

You'll never guess where Tyrannosaurus rexes lived, what a Spinosaurus could do with its nose, why the head of a Parasaurolophus was like a trombone or how very heavy dinosaurs sat on their eggs without crushing them! All is revealed in this delightful information book, filled with quirky and surprising things to know about all kinds of dinosaurs.

  • Author: James Maclaine
  • ISBN: 9781803700298
  • Publisher: Usborne
  • Date of Publication: 01/11/2023
  • Number of Pages: 64
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Product Dimensions (cm):  24.7 x 19.5 x 1.2
  • Age range: Ages 6+ years