Tracey Turner

Lists For Curious Kids: Animals


 Filled with details on topics from the most shudder-inducing bugs and the most popular breeds of cat to which animals can’t fart and how to escape from dangerous forest animals, this will be a must-have book in every child's collection!

The pages are beautifully illustrated with the colourful and intricate artwork of popular illustrator Caroline Selmes. A great gift purchase but also a book to buy for yourself!


  • Author & Illustrator: Tracey Turner 
  • Illustrator: Caroline Selmes  
  • ISBN: 9780753445815
  • Publisher: Pan Macmillan
  • Date of Publication: 9th December 2020
  • Number of Pages: 128
  • Format: Hardcover 
  • Product Dimensions (cm):  28.7 x 21.1 x 1.6
  • Age range: 7-11 years