Museums Victoria x Billie Justice Thomson

Jumbo Dino Magnets - Set of 2


Meet Melbourne Museum's latest inhabitants - these ENORMOUS dino magnets designed by Australian visual artist Billie Justice Thomson! Perfect for bringing a prehistoric touch to your home decor, these jumbo dinosaur pals are sure to delight both young and old. 

Billie Justice Thomson is best known for her paintings on perspex and drawings that reference old shop windows or displays with symbols of domestic simplicity. Her work pays homage to the kitschy delights of eating, drinking and the day-to-day miracles of existence.

Available exclusively from Museums Victoria.

  • Exclusive artwork made by Billie Justice Thomson
  • Die-cut magnets made in Melbourne
  • Dimensions (cm)
    • T-rex: 20 (H) x 22 (W)
    • Triceratops: 17 (H) x 24 (W)