Tiger Cub Plush


The striped terror of the jungles and forests of India, South-East Asia and the Russian Far East, Panthera tigris is one of the most recognisable predators on the planet. At the top of the food chain, these enigmatic wonders have been known to swim across rivers and even climb trees in search of prey or a place to cool down! 

Symbolically, the tiger holds great significance in both traditional and contemporary representations. In traditional Chinese culture, the tiger (寅) is the great earthly deity and king of beasts. In Korean myth, the tiger (호랑이) acts as a guardian, scaring away evil spirits and bringing good luck. The iconic animal also captured the imagination of Westerners and features in popular texts such as The Jungle Book (1894) and as the children's favourite eccentric Tigger in Winnie the Pooh (1926). 

In the Chinese Zodiac, 2022 - the Year of the Water Tiger - respresents an opportunity to overcome fears and develop self confidence - and maybe grow in health and fortune. 

May this adorable plush version bring good luck, prosperity and company to all who wish for it! 

Approximately 30cm head to tail