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Theo Hudson Scarf
Theo Hudson Scarf

Theo Hudson Scarf

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This beautiful scarf by Theo Hudson is a striking way to incorporate beautiful art into your wardrobe.

Centring around Pikilyi, Theo's design portrays an important natural spring and watering hole near her community at Mt Doreen Station, Northern Territory. In dreamtime stories, Pikilyi is home to two rainbow serpents, who are the traditional owners of that land.

Theo is an artist with Better World Arts, who recognise that culture is strengthened when traditional skills and lifestyles are valued and supported, and people are enabled to stay in their own communities. Royalties from all Better World Arts products are returned to artists and their communities.

This stunning scarf comes in a light, diaphanous material that is suitable for wear all year long. 

  • Product Dimensions (cm): 70 x 200
  • Material: 100% Viscose

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