Sensational Butterflies
Sensational Butterflies

Sensational Butterflies

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From Monarchs to swallowtails, Blue Morphos to birdwings, the intricate beauty of Hymenoptera. There are over 180 000 species of butterflies (and their less-loved nocturnal cousins), and can be found on six of the seven continents, on mountain tops, in forests, or in your garden (or home!). 

This large-format book brings the vibrancy of the ecosystem of butterflies to life through text and illustration, covering the key butterfly and moth families and including scores of fascinating facts.

The beautiful art in this publication makes it just as well suited to the coffee-table as it does on a emerging entomologists' bookshelf.

  • Author: Ben Rothery
  • ISBN: 9780241361047
  • Publisher: Penguin Random House Children's UK
  • Date of Publication: February 2019
  • Number of Pages: 80
  • Product Dimensions (cm): 27.8 x 37.6 x 1.5
  • Ages 4+

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