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Platypus Plush
Platypus Plush
Platypus Plush

Platypus Plush

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What elusive an animal is the Platypus: the bill of a duck, the hide of a mole and the tail of a beaver? Surely one of the most enigmatic of Australia's native animals, the Platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) is one of only remaining monotremes - egg laying mammals - left on planet earth. When faced with the first dried specimen, many British naturalists believed the animal to be a myth or a hoax. 

Nocturnal and semi-aquatic, the Platypus is notoriously rarely seen, much less touched. This soft plush version is now available for young and for old to cuddle and admire.

Filled with fluff made entirely from recycled bottles, these plush platypodes protect the environment from discarded rubbish.

Approximately 30cm in length from head to tail. 

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