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Paddy Stewart Scarf
Paddy Stewart Scarf

Paddy Stewart Scarf

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This beautiful scarf by Paddy Stewart is a striking way to incorporate beautiful art into your wardrobe.

Paddy is a widely known as one of the forerunners of the indigenous art movement into Western art markets and culture. Originally hailing from Mungapunju just south of Yuendumu on the edge of the Tanami track, Paddy  went on to become chairman of the  Warlukulangu Art Centre. He was passionate about the imparting of knowledge to the younger generation of local people, and with four other artists famously painted a series of school doors with scenes from the Dreaming, to help teach and remind the youth of Yuendumu of the importance of their heritage. 

This particular plate wears a design of Paddy's depicting the Yam and Bush Tomato dreaming of his home. These crops were integral to the diet of the old people of the area, and the plate serves as both a lesson in the anthropology of food, and a symbol of the importance of continuity of culture. 

  • Product Dimensions (cm): 70 x 200
  • Material: 100% Viscose

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