MV x Milligram Dinosaur Walk Notebook (Blank)
MV x Milligram Dinosaur Walk Notebook (Blank)

MV x Milligram Dinosaur Walk Notebook (Blank)

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This set of two notebooks is born from a unique collaboration between Melbourne-based Milligram Studio and Melbourne Museum. Milligram Studio’s mission is to deliver measured design, beautiful utility and spark emotion with every object created. These notebooks are the combined vision of two organisations seeking to highlight the Museum’s rich archives and permanent exhibitions. Produced using carefully considered, environmentally friendly materials, the set offers individual cover artwork applied to a textured card, educational endpapers and beautifully smooth fountain pen friendly paper.

Inspired by the famed Dinosaur Walk Gallery in Melbourne Museum. A set of two notebooks featuring two key skeletons: Deinonychus antirrhopus, which shared common features with birds; and Diproton optatum, the largest Australian marsupial. 

  • Blank, 80 pages (40 sheets)
  • A5: 148 x 210mm

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