I'm Australian Too + Poster
I'm Australian Too + Poster

I'm Australian Too + Poster

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I’m Australian Too shares some of the many and varied stories of Australia and the places that Australians, their parents and their grandparents have come from. It is a celebration of multiculturalism and an exploration of the cultural diversity that is modern Australia. Every child (with one exception) in the pages is ‘Australian too’, whether their ancestors have been here for 40 000 years, their grandparents arrived from Europe decades ago, or if they themselves have arrived only recently.   

I’m Australian Too recognises the importance of knowing one’s origins and validates the fact that regardless of where we or our ancestors have come from, we are all equally Australian. The book highlights that there are others who one day will also be Australian too, but are still waiting and hoping to be allowed to join in the journey that our nation is taking. This edition includes a poster to create your own family tree.

  • Author: Mem Fox
  • Illustrator: Ronojoy Ghosh
  • ISBN: 9781742995786 (Hardcover)
  • Publisher: Scholastic Australia
  • Date of Publication: March 2017
  • Number of Pages: 32

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