Matt Brown

Everything You Know About Animals is Wrong

A must-read in the Everything you Know series, this debunks a range of old-cod stories about animals in author Matt Brown's inimitable humorous and fascinating style.

Covering everything from the myth that lemmings throw themselves off cliffs in suicide (they don't, but on occasion some just fall off) to bats are blind (they're not, and they can see but use the more sophisticated echolocation for certain hunting). From head in the sand ostriches to cats landing on their feet, a wealth of information on small domestic animals to the curious and giants of the animal world, plus features on the odd diets of animals.

All the old stories and myths about animals we've had since childhood are gleefully debunked in a hugely entertaining book.
  • Author: Matt Brown
  • ISBN: 9781849945820
  • Publisher: Batsford Ltd
  • Date of Publication: 19th June 2020
  • Number of Pages: 160 
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Product Dimensions (cm): 2 x 20.1 x 14.5