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Aussie Stem Stars - Munjed Al Muderis
Aussie Stem Stars - Munjed Al Muderis

Aussie Stem Stars - Munjed Al Muderis

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'Life is about making a difference,' Munjed says. "We all have a mission in life, to leave behind a legacy." His resilience, determination and view of the world as a glass half full, not half empty, has helped him excel in his chosen career. Highlights include his development of an improved osseointegration prosthetic limb, a new surgery that inserts a titanium implant into the bone, allowing patients to recover a certain level of feeling and greater mobility. His humanitarian work is equally as impressive, and includes being an ambassador for Red Cross, working with Amnesty International, and becoming a patron of the Asylum Seekers Centre.

'I admire the way Munjed works tirelessly to give back to others less fortunate than himself. I hope that by sharing ways Munjed has over-come obstacles in his life journey, that readers will be inspired to seek ways to remain positive when they are also faced with hardship.' - Dianne Wolfe

    • Author: Dianne Wolfer
    • ISBN: 9781925893373
    • Publisher: Wild Dingo Press
    • Date of Publication: September 2020
    • Number Of Pages: 168
    • Dimensions (cm): 19.8 x 12.9
    • Recommended for ages 9 to 14

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