Deluxe Feathered T-Rex Replica

The Tyrannosaurus Rex - or Tyrant King of Lizards - was one of the more ferocious predators ever to walk the earth. Measuring up to 13 metres in length, with an estimated weight of 10 metric tonnes, this is one formidable reptile that has terrified and fascinated children, paleontologists and curious adults since its monumental discovery at the beginning of the 20th century. 

This anatomical model is only a fraction of the size, and based on the latest scientific information, and is a great figurine for play, study and decoration. 
    • Product Dimensions (cm): 34.2 x 16.4
    • Diet: Carnivorous
    • Period: Upper Cretaceous
    • Name Meaning: Tyrant Lizard King
    • Features a movable jaw