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Deluxe Acrocanthosaurus Replica

Deluxe Acrocanthosaurus Replica

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Although smaller than its nephew Tyrannosaurus Rex, Arcanthosaurus is one of the largest therapods known to have existed. Prowling the Early Cretaceous period between 145 and 100 million years ago, the 11 metre long Arcanthosaurus was likely an apex predator, preying upon other dinosaurs such as sauropods and ankylosaurs, and even smaller therapods. 

This anatomical model is only a fraction of the size of the original, and based on the latest scientific information, and is a great figurine for play, study and decoration. Features a hinged, movable jaw.
      • Product Dimensions (cm): 29.5 x 11.9
      • Diet: Carnivorous
      • Period: Lower Cretaceous
      • Name Meaning: High Spined Lizard

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