Room on Our Rock
Room on Our Rock

Room on Our Rock

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Room on our Rock is a powerful allegorical exploration of the emotions and fears that drive exclusion, persecution, and rejection of refugees. Read conventionally, it tells the tale of a group of seals who fear the approach of a strange pair of seals, one a child, whose rock is being overwhelmed by the sea. The group of rock-dwellers refuse uncategorically to entertain the possibility of allowing the desperate and terrified pair to take refuge with them, stating that there is clearly no room. Seeking only safety the endangered pair go from hopeful to despairing over the course of the story.  

However, there is more to this book than a simple one-way reading can reveal, for if you start reading at the back of the book, and read all the pages in reverse order, it becomes an uplifting tale of acceptance, encouragement, and hope. In the mirror-story, the seals on the rock welcome the struggling refugees, assuring them that there is plenty of room for them all, and encouraging them to leave the small beleaguered rock and to come share the much larger and safer one.   

Read either way, Room on our Rock is a heart-wrenching tale of fear and danger, and the seals exemplify the differing attitudes that can be found within human communities to the plight faced by many refugees these days. 

  • Author: Kate and Jol Temple  
  • Illustrator: Terri Rose Baynton
  • ISBN: 9781760664299
  • Publisher: Scholastic Australia
  • Date of Publication: January 2019
  • Number of Pages: 32

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