Dirty Hands Sanitiser 100mL (David Shrigley)

Dirty Hands Sanitiser 100mL (David Shrigley)

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Combining functionality with aesthetic enjoyment, ZEEP and Third Drawer Down bring us just what we need right now. 

Zeep, ‘the Art of Life’ self care products and Third Drawer Down, ‘Art to Live With’, together are making art accessible one bottle of hand sanity-izer at a time. Covered in the work of David Shrigley and Magda Archer the products will not only keep you hygienic but come with the added bonus of the packaging being highly collectable and tradable. Empty hand sanity-izer bottles will inevitably lead the charge to stimulate post pandemic economic recovery. Antiques Roadshow are already creating a new category right next to the bubonic plague and the pox. 

  • Rise free gel which is gentle on the hands
  • 75% alcohol 
  • 100mL pump bottle

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