Sheryl J Burchill Mango Lip Balm


Featuring artwork by Sheryl J Burchill, this restorative lip balm is lovingly made in Melbourne. 

Sheryl J Burchill is a proud Kuku Yalanji & Kuku Nyungkal woman from Northern Queensland. Sheryl's paintings speak to the intimate connection she has for country, its landscape and ecodiversity, and recount the wisdom of her ancestors. All pieces in this collection come from the Wurarr-wurarr series, the Kuku Yalanji word for Dragonfly; as Sheryl says:

My mother told me, "In our culture the dragonfly is known as a wind teller and when you see them in clusters flying together it will be a windy day".

Entitled Madja (pronounced Mud-jah), translating to 'rainforest', this particular artwork uses the motif of the dragonfly to depict the symbiotic, plentiful and harmonious relationship that can be found in  nature. 

Royalties from this product directly benefit Sheryl and her community.

  • 12.5g 
  • Made in Melbourne
  • Not tested on Animals